Our Services

At CIG Financial Services, we embrace client centered relationships built on trust and integrity.  Through our personalized approach, we seek to enrich the lives of those we serve and empower current and future generations in the creation, management and distribution of wealth.


The Following is a detailed outline of the services we provide. Please take a
moment to review this information and determine what areas are of greatest
importance to you and your situation.

Investment and Asset Management, for:

  • Individuals, Families & Children
  • Corporations & Businesses
  • Socially Responsible Investment Objectives
  • Charities, Foundations, Churches, and Clubs
  • College Funding, 529 Plans

Retirement Planning, including:

  • Corporate Plans, 401(k), Profit Sharing


  • Individual 401(k) Account Management through Retirement Management Systems


  • SEP`s, SIMPLE IRA`s & SIMPLE 401(k)`s

  • ROTH & Traditional IRA`s

  • 403(b) plans (TSA`s), 457 Plans

Estate Planning and Management, relating to:

  • Trust Management for Families & Individuals

  • Wealth Preservation Strategies

  • Charitable Gifting Plans

  • Estate Tax Reduction Programs

Business Advising and Management, involving:

  • Family Business Continuation Plans

  • Buy/Sell Funding Agreements

  • Tax Management Strategies

  • Deferred Compensation Plans

  • Executive Bonus & Key Employee Benefit Packages

Brokerage Services*, including access to:

  • Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

  • Money Market Accounts & Brokered Certificates of Deposit

  • Fee Based "No Commission" Brokerage Accounts

Complete Insurance Coverage, including access to:

  • Term, Universal, and Variable* Universal Life

  • Last Survivor Estate Policies

  • Disability

  • Long Term Care


  • Medical Insurance for groups and individuals of all ages


Please contact our team of service specialists for an appointment or personalized guidance with your request

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